Our Lady Of The Snows Church

Church of Our Lady of the Snow

Church of Our Lady of the Snow (Kostel Panny Marie Sněžné)

Charles the fourth, on the day following the ceremony of his coronation, recommended a Carmelite monastery to a church that ended up serving as a coronation church. In view of the significance of this, construction plans for a Gothic style 3-aisled church were drawn up which would come second just to Prague Castle‘s cathedral with regard to height and size and would further encompass part of what’s now Jungmann’s Square (Jungmannovo náměstí). The workshop of Peter Parler also participated in the building. The construction was delayed by the Hussite conflict, and just the high choir was finished by 1397. Despite being unfinished, Our Lady of the Snows church has the tallest vault compared to every other Prague church (thirty four metres). Early in the seventeenth century, Discalced Franciscans were given the church and the monastery by Emperor Rudolph the second and rapidly carried on with the building. The Franciscans constructed some newly designed Renaissance style net vaulting and brought the roof down lower on the west side. They also built a tall façade wall containing a choir loft. Made by an unidentified artist from 1649 to 1651, the Early Baroque primary altar is the tallest Altar, Our Lady Of The Snows Churchaltar column in Prague (twenty nine metres). The Virgin Annunciation altar-piece was painted in 1724 by the artist Wenzel Lorenz Reiner. The side altar of St Catherine is decorated with a picture of this saint by the artist Georg Wilhelm Neunherz. On the church’s north side, the chapel of Saint Michael is memorable because of its’ Baroque style altar; along with the chapels next to it of Saint John of Nepomuk and Our Lady Help of Christians. They close off the courtyard at the church’s front side. The northern side also boasts a copy of the previous monastery’s cemetery entrance. This was in a Gothic portal style, adorned with characters of the Virgin Mary’s coronation, Charles the fourth and Blanche, his wife.

This church is part of the Roman Catholic Churches.

Snow Church

Church is located at Jungmannovo náměstí 753 / 18 in the New Town. It opens everyday from 07:00 to 19:00.


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