St Francis Seraph’s Church of Assisi

Kostel svatého Františka z Assisi / Kostel Sv. Františka Serafinského

Church of St Francis SeraphIn 1233, St Agnes from Bohemia founded St. Francis’ hospital. Over time, the brotherhood of the Franciscans was transformed, with the Red Star, into the 1st Bohemian Knights order of the Cross, and they went into the Bridge of Judith. This area is additionally where the 1st Saint Francis Church got founded during the thirteenth century.

The present church, in 1688, was made sacred by Prague’s Archbishop, Johann Friedrich von Waldstein, as a tribute to St Francis from Assisi. This church was built as a central building with a huge cupola. Its’ plan of the presbytery’s floor is shaped like a miniature cross, whilst the squared nave and chapel are set out shaped like a big cross. Some statues of patrons of Bohemia feature on the façade of the church in various alcoves.

The church’s inside has been lavishly decorated as well. Rarely seen pictures by the artist Wenzel Lorenz Reiner hang on its’ inside. Pictures of 4 evangelists feature on the cupola’s vaulting in-between stuccowork produced by Tomasso Soldatti. There’s a picture of Mary’s Assumption, The battle of Constantine and the Adorning of the Covenant’s Ark on the Temple Mount, on the archway above the altar. Reiner’s Last Judgement fresco totally covers this cupola. Reiner also produced oil painting on metals displaying the church’s fathers; these are found on the posts. Another renowned painter was Johann Christoph Lischka. His allegorical figures and angels are displayed on the presbytery’s ceiling, frescoes inside the St John the Baptist and Holy Trinity Chapels, and angel frescoes above the entrance of the church. He further painted the 4 cardinal virtue figures (Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude and Justice), the Magi’s Adoration and the Shepherd’s Adoration. Lischka’s Saint Francis Stigmata painting is featured on the major altar crafted by J. Dobner. The Red Star with the Knights of the Cross owns the church of the Roman Catholics.

Church is located at Křižovnické náměstí three in the Old Town. Its’ opening hours are from 10:00 to 19:00 from April to November, except during concerts and services.

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