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Recruitment agencies are wonderful resources when it comes to finding work. Your skills and interests can help you apply for a variety of different jobs. These agencies work to connect businesses with qualified employees.

People with university degrees and work experience have the opportunity of finding great positions. Recruitment agencies can look at these qualifications and find matching employers who need assistance. You will find a number of these agencies around Prague. It is not necessary in every instance that you know Czech to apply for a job. The ability to speak other languages can increase your chances. Certain positions are really being sought after right now. These include managers, web designers, and various other IT positions.

Recruitment agencies are searching for workers in many fields. Here are some of the available fields of interest: HR, Sales, Finance/Accounting, Customer Service, IT and Pharmaceuticals.


Kelly Services

One of the agencies in this category is Kelly Services/Talents. This location can be accessed through its site at It recruits employees in fields like IT, finance, and banking. A contact person here is Valerie Serbova. She is a consultant and project manager of Kelly’s. Valerie is looking for workers in various fields who can communicate well with clients. Management is especially important field that she wants to hire for. Those with experience in this area should consult this agency.



Zeebra found at is a very unique agency offering. Job seekers can use this service from the comfort of their homes. It is an online agency that will email you openings of interest. IT workers, especially in the programming specialty are top positions here. Most jobs require some sort of computer services experience. In the future Zeebra will be hiring for automotive, marketing, and HR.


Morgan and Morgan

Another recruitment agency to consider here is Morgan and Morgan at . This agency began with the advertising and media fields. Today it hires workers in finance, sales and IT. This is a great opportunity for people with particular experience in advertising.


Using recruitment agencies and various other methods to find work is important. These are some of the most effective tools when it comes to finding work in Prague. Experience in certain areas will make you eligible for employment in many companies and businesses.



People with expertise and experience in the business world have a lot to offer potential companies. Executive search companies like Hays ( look for middle to top level executives. Hays is a global company that is located in Prague. They recruit for areas like banking, construction, logistics, and HR.  


HR Partners

HR Partners ( also focuses on this portion of Europe. They hire individuals for senior management positions.


Bubenik Partners

Those with experience in financial services, advanced technology, and industrial clients can use Bubenik Partners ( They operate as an international executive search resource.


You will find that recruitment agencies are valuable tools. Most of them will assist you in the preparation of your CV or resume. Honesty is very important in this process of finding work. It is also critical that you ask questions about things you’re not certain of being qualified to work in this country is a vital part of finding work in Prague. EU nationals have a better chance of finding employment.

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