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The Necessary Paperwork / Work Permits

Getting a job in Prague / The Necessary Paperwork Ex-pats who are looking for a job will be pleased to know that the period following the economic crisis is characterised by increased work vacancies for ex-pats in Prague. Big global firms are now searching for people with overseas experience to …

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Agencies for Recruitment

People with university degrees and work experience have the opportunity of finding great positions. Recruitment agencies can look at these qualifications and find matching employers who need assistance. You will find a number of these agencies around Prague. It is not necessary in every instance that you know Czech to …

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Employment Opportunities in Prague

It is not necessary for EU citizens to have work permits in Prague. Those who do not fit into this category should refer to the work permits section. There are a number of employment opportunities available to foreign workers. Common jobs for these workers include teaching English, German, and other …

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Laws of Employment

There are components related to being employed in this country. These laws of employment must be followed by employers, as well as, their employees. These are laws and rules that make employment easier to understand. Let’s take a look at these laws and their influence on this process.   Contracts …

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Work permits – Working in Prague

Working in Prague fits into a number of categories. There are businesses, both national and international examples that operate in this destination. These businesses and companies work well in Prague, along with their employees. Trade licenses are required to conduct this type of business here. Employees must have valid work …

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Find Prague Job – Use the Internet

The internet is one of the most useful tools as it relates to finding gainful employment. There are websites that can assist expats, as well as, newcomers to Prague. Using these sites will help you to more easily find opportunities for work. Expats.cz is one site that offers assistance to …

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