Laws of Employment

There are components related to being employed in this country. These laws of employment must be followed by employers, as well as their employees. These are laws and rules that make employment easier to understand. Let’s take a look at these laws and their influence on this process.

Contracts for Employment

The first step in the process of gaining employment is the employment contract. These are issued in some cases for specific periods of time. They may also be issued for non-specific periods of time. Three month trial periods are available in some situations for employees. The information required for these contracts is important. They list the employer, position, and start date for the position. If contracts do not have this information, they are not valid.

Rules for Termination

There are rules or guidelines as it relates to the termination of positions. Positions can be terminated by either the employer or the employee. Here are the rules related to this issue:

  • The employment contract has expired.
  • Employer and employee have agreed mutually.
  • An official Termination Notice has been issued, which specifically notes the terms of this process. These terms are listed based upon the official Labor Code.
  • Trial period termination, which doesn’t require specific reasoning.
  • Residence permit or visas have expired for non-EU citizens.

Rights of Employees

The country’s Labor Code requires that employers treat their employees fairly. This treatment cannot be base upon race, sex, and beliefs. Mistreating employees in these areas is illegal. Employees have a right to pursue fair treatment officially where they have been wronged.


Employees can only work 40 hours per given workweek.

Holiday Time

Employees can only receive 4 weeks of holiday or vacation time yearly.

Pay Rates

There is a minimum wage that is required to be paid to employees. These rates are 48.10 CZK or 8,000 CZK per month.

Leave Time for Maternity

Maternity leave is issued to the mother who has just had a baby. On average, this leave is 28 weeks unless special circumstances apply. If the mother is single or has twins, this period can be increased to 37 weeks. The least amount of time for this leave is 14 weeks. Women do not receive their salary during this time. They are financially supported by the government.

Leave Time for Paternity

Fathers are issued paternity leave until the child reaches the age of three. This leave is not long term but based upon necessary situations. During this period, men would receive support from the state.

Union Organizations

Employees are allowed to maintain membership in unions. The purpose of unions is to protect the rights of employees. This is in terms of fair treatment and financial compensation. Unions operate through individual companies and some nationally.

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