Work Permits & Working in Prague

Working in Prague fits into a number of categories. There are businesses, both national and international examples, that operate in this destination. These businesses and companies work well in Prague, along with their employees. Trade licenses are required to conduct this type of business here. Employees must have valid work permits in order to gain and keep employment in Prague.

Secure Your Work Permit

The Czech Republic allows EU citizens and their family members to work without the need for a work permit. Those who are not citizens must have a work permit. They must also have a visa that allows them to be employed in Prague. These visas guarantee their long-term ability to reside in the country. You will find a list of exceptions below to refer to.

  • People with permanent residence classifications.
  • You have at least a year old asylum designation to be in the Czech Republic.
  • You are the spouse of a non-citizen with a work permit and visa.
  • You have a long-term residency permit of at least one-year-old from another EU country.

There are certain processes involved with having to secure a work permit. Labor Offices in local districts are where these permits are dispersed. In Prague, the main Labor Office is in Prague 3.

It costs 500 CZK to submit for a work permit. These permits can be applied for on behalf of someone else if a power of attorney has been secured. These permits require specific information. The job must be listed along with the employer. People who have secured multiple positions must have a work permit for each one. In some cases, people will need to then get a work visa after gaining a work permit. This visa can be found at the Foreign Police Office.

Employers also have responsibilities as it relates to this process. Vacancies must be listed as available by these employers. This information is provided to the Labor Office. These offices will often work to find qualified workers for job openings.  It sometimes takes months for a non-EU citizen to get their work permit. Companies are required to have a permit to hire foreign workers for their positions.

Work permits will list important information for the employee. Along with the position name, employer name, the length of the permit is listed. These permits are usually for the length of one year. If changes occur related to the information on your work permit, you must notify the Labor Office. At this point, you must apply for a new work permit.

Oftentimes people apply for their residence permit or visa based upon their work permit or status. If the job is terminated for some reason, the residence permit is no longer valid. It is possible to extend a work permit after the one year limit has occurred. The same processes will be required as when the permit was originally issued. Along with the application to extend these permits is needed a letter from the employer. This letter will express the employer’s permission to extend this work assignment.

Employees who receive extensions for their work permits must also apply for extensions for residence. This will require that they revisit the Foreign Police. There is a time component associated with these extensions. You can apply up to 90 days of your expiration date and no later than 14 days before expiration.

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