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The internet is one of the most useful tools as it relates to finding gainful employment. Some websites can assist ex-pats, as well as newcomers to Prague. Using these sites will help you to find work opportunities more easily. is one site that offers assistance to people who do not speak Czech and for those who speak a variety of other languages. Recruitment agencies are good resources for all employed workers to utilize. Here are some of the popular resources the internet provides:

Recruitment Agency

Newspaper Tools

Navigating local Prague newspapers is a great way to stay current with job opportunities. These papers will provide up-to-date openings. People with specific specialities will be able to look for work that fits into their expertise. The Prague Post is a paper that offers a few job listings in English each week. This is something for job seekers to look forward to. The other two newspapers have English listing on occasion and can provide good leads for work.  Below are some examples of papers that are published every week.

Mlada Fronta Dnes (

The Prague Post (

Hospodarske Noviny (

Job Listing Sites

Many of the job listing sites for this area is written in Czech. Some of the top sites do have English listings for job seekers to utilize. These sites present you with an opportunity to learn more about the companies and businesses in Prague. Contacting these companies directly is a good way to find work. Providing them with a CV or resume is a great tactic even if vacancies are not available at the time. Below you will find some of the fantastic sites in this category.

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