Japanese Restaurants

Most Japanese restaurants in Prague are overpriced. This is due to the steep prices for fresh seafood, as is the case with many landlocked countries. Another factor is quality—and you won’t go wrong provided the owner is Japanese, but there are not many such places, which often results in disappointment. Hanabi Sushi House and Kobe have good reputations but are rather pricey; if you’re on a lower budget, try Sushi Oishi Restaurant (V Celnici 4, Prague 1).


This Chinese restaurant has four locations in the city. It’s a good place for cheap running sushi on the belt, with decent quality but nothing extraordinary. On the menu as well are other Chinese dishes.

Address: Bělehradská 75, Prague 2;


The Japanese couple who own and run this place with a very polite attitude and friendly service make this a good choice. Japanese guests mostly occupy the restaurant. Simple interior but delicious authentic food make it worth a visit. Mains prices range from 250 to 500 CZK.

Address: Badeniho 3, Prague 6;

Millhouse sushi

It is a centrally located (in Slovansky Dum, a short walk from Mustek metro) modern sushi bar with a conveyor belt. As with similar Japanese sushi bars, the prices of dishes correspond to the plates’ design and colour on which they are served. It’s a decent place, especially for quick sushi, with friendly staff but slightly overpriced. Sushi sets range from 390 to 1100 CZK. There is also an all-you-can-eat offer (excluding sashimi) for 680 CZK.

Address: Na Příkopě 22, Prague 1;


This well-established small Japanese restaurant created the standard for Japanese cuisine in Prague since it was opened in 1995 and kept its name today. As soon as you enter, you will feel the authentic Japanese atmosphere. In short, it’s one of the best places to have fresh and delicious Japanese food, especially sushi – for a reasonable price. Tip: try bento lunch boxes, which are excellent value, starting from 250 CZK. Sushi is from 50 to 130 CZK per piece; sashimi from 110 CZK to 480 per set.

Address: Navrátilova 10, Prague 1;

Mr. Sushi (SushiGo)

A mostly delivery-oriented small sushi restaurant offering good sushi sets and other Japanese dishes. The restaurant has contemporary Japanese décor – clean, crisp, and a nice big fish tank, with music playing in the background. It has friendly staff and is centrally located, but with not so cheap prices and very slow service, think twice before you come. Set menus are from 570 to 8000 CZK.

Address: Malá Štupartská 3, Prague 1;


This upmarket restaurant has two locations in Prague. One is at NáměstíSvobody 1, Dejvice, and the other is in CernaRuze shopping mall passage in the New Town. The first one is situated in a smart 1930s functionalist building and has an interior blending contemporary Japanese and Czech modern styles. The second one is not far from Wenceslas Square, and the restaurant has nice modern Japanese décor and views over a Japanese garden and fountain. Degustation menus are from 800 to 4100 CZK. Special lunch menus are served from 11 am to 3 pm with mains from 100 CZK.

Address: Náměstí Svobody 1, Dejvice;

Sushi Tam da

Cheap Asian restaurant with decent sushi sets and specialities are on sale. Sushi starts from 34 CZK.

Address: Perunova 13, Prague 3;

The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar was opened in 1999 and since offered great fresh food in a nice modern setting. Quality doesn’t come cheap in a landlocked country, but if you wish to spoil yourself, it’s the place to go. Count on 1500 to 2500 CZK per person.

Address: Zborovská 49, Prague 5;


Hidden in one of the little streets close to Old Town Square is this Korean-Japanese restaurant that focuses mainly on sushi. If you’re looking for a cheap meal, this isn’t it; but for quality, it’s very reasonably priced. Yami Sushi House has two restaurants in Prague; the second one is Hanabi Sushi House, and both are just excellent! Highly recommend. Sushi rolls 8pc from 220 CZK, Nigiri sushi from 60 CZK per pc.

Address: Masná 1051/3, Prague 1;


This Japanese and Korean restaurant located in the Zizkov district is a bit out of the tourist centre. The white-painted interior is decorated with lanterns and lattice screens, while polished granite tables create an informal atmosphere. The sushi here is really good. Mains are from 350 to 500 CZK.

Address: Slavíkova 24, Žižkov

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