Zbraslav Chateau

Farther south of Prague, on the left bank of the Vltava River, lies Zbraslav. The famous catholic Cistercian Monastery, which was supposed to function as the burial place for Czech kings, stood here. It was destroyed at the beginning of the Hussite wars. Santini, Dientzenhofer and Reiner worked on the current Baroque version of the monastery. Today, the complex, with its adjoining park, is an oasis of calm and used to house the Chinese and Japanese collections of the National Gallery (now housed in Kinsky Palace).

Zbraslav Chateau is now closed for the public and returned to its private owner. Above Zbraslav, on the other bank of the Vltava River – Na Závisti, there is evidence of an ancient Celtic Oppidum, whose 170 hectares were surrounded by 9 km of complex ramparts.

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