Easter in Prague

Easter EggsEaster is an essential Christian holiday, and in Prague, it is celebrated very much in that spirit. It is also a holiday time when families travel and get together. While walking Prague’s paved streets, you will notice market stalls and flower decorations, Easter eggs smiling from shop windows … it will make you feel that perhaps Prague’s Easter holidays have become too commercialised. At the same time, however, some popular customs and traditions pervade. Among the most characteristic is the pussy willow “pomlázka” on Easter Monday. In this tradition, boys and men visit their classmates, girlfriends and neighbours to symbolically lash them with switches braided into a so-called “pomlázka”. In certain regions, local girls are splashed with cold water rather than whipped. Though this tradition is typically enjoyed more by men, women do not entirely resist: after all, it is supposed to bring beauty and vivacity for the whole of the next year. This explains why they even reward their assailants with coloured eggs, sweets and refreshments! In villages, the custom of walking around the neighbourhood with rattles and clappers has remained to this day. These noisemakers, rather than bells, are used to call worshippers to church, as from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday, the bells fall silent in token of the mourning for Christ’s martyrdom.

Easter in Prague

Easter is also a good time to try some local specialities. Try the “lamb” sponge-cake with sugar or chocolate frosting, sweet buns from yeast dough, Easter gingerbread cookies, Easter dressing with young nettles, spring vegetable soup, sweet rolls (“jidáše”, or Judas rolls) glazed with honey, or crunchy fried “God’s graces” coated in powdered sugar.

If you are ever planning a trip to Prague, we would recommend Easter as the time to visit. Happy Easter!

Tip: The Prague Easter Festival, featuring music from renowned Czech composers, like Gustav Mahler and Antonin Dvorak, inside the splendid concert theatres of Rudolfinum, the Church of Saint Juda and Simon or the Municipal House (, is delightful over Easter. Further Easter concerts will also be held inside the historic Klementinum building.

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