Czech Republic Aquaparks

The Czech Republic is, without doubt, one of the best places in the world to enjoy a day in the water, regardless of whether you’re looking for relaxation or something a little more exciting!

Aquaparks, for adults and children all over the world, are a common feature in most countries. Aquatic delights are among the most popular activities in the Czech Republic. Also known as water parks, they are amusement parks that feature play areas and activities built around water, such as water slides, playgrounds, pads, and other environments that encourage water activities. These include swimming, bathing, relaxing and surfing. Aquaparks are not be confused with natural occurrences of water bodies. They are strictly artificial and built with the most modern technology for recreational purposes. They serve to imitate natural water bodies. The upside to aqua parks is that even when it is too cold outside, you can enjoy your favourite water sports, such as swimming. Prague is no stranger to such instances of water parks. In fact, some of the largest and most sensational aqua parks in all of Europe are housed in the city. They attract a large number of tourists and locals every day, every season. In Prague, the most common attractions at aqua parks are toboggans, splash pads, water slides, massage benches, water jets, whirlpools and wild rivers. More often than not, you can also find relaxation terraces, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, saunas, health and fitness centres, tanning salons, and restaurants offering food and refreshments. It is an easy and viable option if you are looking to spend a pleasant day with the entire family without any signs and strains of boredom. In Prague, aqua parks are open all year round. Be it in the summer, when temperatures soar and become too hot to handle, or in the winter months, when spas offer hot therapy on cold days. In short, aqua parks are the best form of relaxation.

Aqua Parks in Prague

Aquapalace Prague

The largest entertainment aquapark in Central Europe rightfully belongs among the most visited leisure attractions. It will delight not just adrenalin junkies but devotees of sea surf, fitness swimmers and especially families with children.

Information: 8 slide chutes of up to 250 metres long, artificial waves, Jacuzzis, relaxation terraces, a 450 m long wild water river, a pirate shipwreck for children, indoor and outdoor zones, sauna world, spa – wellness, fitness, physiotherapy.

Pražská 138, Průhonice – Čestlice;


This water sports centre in Prague 5 caters for a wide range of sports and relaxation facilities. Information: a 25 m swimming pool, 2 slide chutes, wild river with artificial counter current, an outdoor lawn, sauna and steam room, fitness room, solarium.

K Barrandovu 8, Prague 5 – Hlubočepy;

Aquacentrum Šutka

In this recently opened water world, you’ll find one of the two covered 50-metre pools in Prague. All of the facilities are disabled accessible.

Information: a 50 m swimming pool, Jacuzzi, wild river, 2 slide chutes, a waterfall, a paddling pool, a water bar, Finnish sauna, steam baths.

Čimická 41, Prague 8 – Kobylisy;

Aqua Parks in the Rest of the Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary is the heart of the Czech spa tradition, and one of the very best here is the Zámecké lázně spa, found in the heart of the town. It has a luxury pool filled with heated mineral water, and it is also set in some of the most stunning surroundings you could hope for. Just outside, you’ll also find the “Spirit of the Springs”, which is a large stone said to protect the town’s springs.

For a more exciting day out, you should head to the Aquaforum in Františkové Lázně, which has six swimming pools in total – three outside and three inside. Of course, there is also the chance to relax when the kids are having fun, perhaps in the water cave or the air massage pool. You can even indulge in some beach volleyball if you are feeling particularly energetic.

Other outstanding aqua centres in the Czech Republic can be found, but Liberec (Aquapark Babylon) is possibly the best. In fact, you could easily spend a whole day here, barreling down the Wild River or hiding in the romantic cave. You can even have a go at Aquazorbing here as well, which is a once in a lifetime experience!

For those looking for fun and excitement in Prague, the ideal destination is the Aquapalace Průhonice, the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe. There are loads of different attractions here, such as wave pools, but the biggest attraction is the Spacebowl – a massive water funnel with centrifugal power! There’s even an aquarium next to the swimming pool housing all kinds of underwater creatures – including a shark – for those looking to pretend they are swimming in a more exotic climate.

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